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Agriculture Food and Industry Solutions


Strategy and Research Leader in Agriculture

Ag Food Consulting was founded out of over 20 years of food and agricultural and consulting to international clients and government stakeholders.

AFC provides corporate advise to help business leaders find business solutions at all levels of the Ag-Food chain.

The AFC mission is to provide advisory and consulting services to Ag-Food chain participants in with a focus on leadership, strategy and capital issues.

Our professional services include government relations, strategic and market consulting, business development business and market analysis, biotechnology and food safety assessments.


What we do

Solutions provider in the agricultural space.

Government Relations

Relationship Management and Trade Strategy: Identify and shape the sociopolitical forces that affect the agricultural sector and individual enterprises. Actively manage social and policy issues by developing strategies that deal with reputation, regulatory issues, and key relationships.

Business & Marketing Analysis

Technology and Innovation: Assess and identify agricultural technology solutions and implementation programs designed to maximize return on investment while accounting for Chinese infrastructure and technical expertise constraints. From analysis to success. Develop market analysis of the attractiveness China’s agriculture and food market.

Business & Marketing Strategy

Enterprise Strategy: Define, build, and maintain winning business partnerships and strategies in the food and agriculture sector based on business, partner, market and competitor analysis. Business Unit Strategy: Align actions with enterprise mission objectives, partner relationships, balancing risk and increasing efficiencies in the agriculture and food sectors.

Business Development

Identify ambitions, find and pursue best new markets, clients and products, turn insights into action, including low cost structures and aligned execution, and provide essential due diligence needs for venture partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

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